William Alford Lloyd - Parts 1. 2. 3. References.

Father - William Lloyd, born about 1796 in North Wales. (1851 census).
A warehouseman, lived at 11 Castle Court, Lewisham. City of London. Later moved to 21 Remington Street, Finsbury. (Castle Court and occupation from baptism register, number 11 from Thomas & John's baptism, 21 Remington Street from 1851/61 census).
Died 1860. (Family headstone, West Norwood Cemetery & crematorium, London.)
Mother – Martha Alford, born about 1796 in Tisbury, Wiltshire. (1861 census)
Died 1864. (Family headstone, West Norwood Cemetery & crematorium, London.)
Marriage – 25th Dec. 1822, London, by banns at the parish church of St Leonards, Shoreditch. (Copy of marriage register).

Children – From the baptism register of St Antholin, Budge Row, City of London.
William Alford – born 8th August 1824, at 6 Bush Lane, Cannon Street, London, baptised 10th June 1827.
Being a weak and sickly child, at five years of age was sent to live at Llwynlleia, Wales, returned to London in 1835. (Childhood details; Edward Newman, Zoologist p3747, 1873.)
Mary Field – born 21st May 1827, baptised 10th June 1827.
Andrew Horace – born 19th October 1829, baptised 25th November 1829.
Martha – baptised 31st January 1832.
Robert – baptised 14th January 1835.
Thomas Jones – born 10th February 1837, baptised 20th March 1837.
John – born 27th June 1840, baptised 2nd August 1840.

25th December 1848, East Knowle, Wiltshire.
William Alford Lloyd - Amelia Alford -she born in Portsmouth about 1823.
Martha Amelia born 23rd May 1851. 21 Newington Street.
Baptised 28th June 1850, at St. Mathew's, City Road, Islington.
Martha Amelia Lloyd, although being named after her mother Martha, was throughout her life addressed by her pet name, Eleanor, becoming a great friend of Julia Gatty, the daughter of The Rev: Gatty and his wife Margaret. (Mrs Gatty & Mrs Ewing, Cristobel Maxwell, London 1949, pages 165 &184)
Died - 13th July 1880, Zingari Terrace, Norwood, London.

Childhood see - 1873, Popular Recreator, The Aquarium, No: 4. p57/61. Article 1; My experiences; the struggle of life; natural history; the Zoological Gardens; the aquarium; the pike; the of my life. Zoologist – Second Series, Vol. 8, A series of articles by Edward Newman (1801-1876), about the Official Handbook to the Marine Aquarium of the Crystal Palace. Part 3. Nov. p3741-3759. Early employment of Lloyd.

1852. Nov 18th – Visited Regent's Park Zoological Gardens, discovered new fish house. Popular Recreator. 1873. No: 4 p59.

1853. June 6th – Letter to Owen. "I am but a humble working man", Sunday ticket.
Aug – Set up first aquarium in my second floor widow. Popular Recreator. 1873. No:12, p190.

1854. Feb. 4th.Zoologist, Vol: 12, p4248. Note on the habits of Lymnaea stagnalis
March. Visited by Edward Newman (1801-1876), see 1873, Zoologist – Second Series, Vol. 8, November. p3741-3759.

1855. May 16th – Letter to Owen. "thank you for introduction to Mr Mitchell; I have marine stock; could you mention this to your friends?"
July 1st - Memoranda on the Employment of Artificial Sea-Water in Marine Aquaria. published in Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, p315/6. Dated June 6th.
July 14th – Placed advertisement in Notes and Queries. (From this date, Lloyd placed regular advertisements in Notes and Queries, but I have included only those that mark changes in his business).
Aug 4th – Larger advert placed in Notes and Queries.
Oct 20th –Notes and Queries. Letter suggesting how correspondent might solve his aquarium problems, recommended Gosse's Handbook.

1856. Zoologist Vol: 14, p5181. Note on a Sea-cucumber in Confinement. "Moved into new premises at Portland Road, five weeks ago, during my removal from St. John-Street Road to my present place of business, 19 & 20 Portland Road, Regent's Park, London". See Vol: 14, p5180 for date of move.
May 31st – Change of address, Notes and Queries.
Zoologist, Vol: 14, p 5180. Occurrence in Britain of Edwardsia vestita.
P. 5181. Note on a Sea-cucumber in Confinement. "during my removal to new premises May 9th" "water employed in this case is the artificial compound prepared from the formula of Mr. Gosse, of the entire efficiency". Both dated June 16.
June 26th – Note from Gosse; I forward you more circulars; I refer to you 2 letters.
July 2nd – Note from Gosse; not quite the honourable thing in the Zoologist.
July 7th – Note from Gosse; your explanation is perfectly satisfactory; glad to hear your business is doing well; struggle of setting up aquariums; interested in consignment from Clovelly.
July 16th – Note from Gosse; another 20 hand-books for you; I will return your pocket knife.
Sept 15th – Letter from Gosse; send a Sanders & Woolcott tank to Mrs Avery; include bill to Miss Ray of Birmingham.
Sept 19th – Letter from Gosse; I am not a collector; caverns are not what they were; scarcely any anemones left.
Sept 29th – Letter from Gosse; Mr Jenkins of Tenby will collect specimens for you; send 10 gallons of seawater to my home for my return home on Thursday next.
Dec 6th – Note from Gosse; you forgot to give me a receipt for 1/9d; the new animal, I have called Lar Sabellarum.
Dec 17th – Letter to Gatty; by portable aquaria I mean. My friend Mr Gosse's publications; Shirley Hibberd has issued a shilling book.
Dec 23rd – Note to Gatty; sent book 4 days ago; I sell a nice little tank for £1; holds four gallons; glad to see you in London.
Dec 26th – Letter from Gosse; thread capsules would not do as dried objects; I want to call and look at your Echinoderm stock.

1857. Jan 28th – Letter from Gosse; thanks for reference to Lady Curts treasure; I have no objection to your using starfish crest with my advert. I do not go down to the shore every day. Look in Sabellae for Lar Sabellarum; how shall I send starfish up?
Feb 28th – Letter from Gosse; will send courier (Shelton) with order; I hope to be in London and will call to ask questions about light.
March 8th – Note from Gosse; what you say about seaweed is true; I keep crassicornis successfully. We look to you to correct us on these points. A copy of part VII came to me.
March 12th – Note from Mrs. Gosse; Gosse will call upon you tomorrow.
March 31st – Letter from Gosse; glad to hear of your prosperity; enclose a list of my books; I shall be glad to see your pamphlet.
June 1st – Note from Gosse; is Mr Lloyd still alive? he never writes.
Aug 27th – Large ad in Notes and Queries, fifteen thousand specimens available, artificial seawater, keeps in stock great numbers of small portable aquaria ready stocked, and with the balance of existence properly adjusted.
Sept 9th – Letter from Gosse; I put my knee out yesterday and cannot call; send account for £4-1-2d; you have 2 glass storage troughs of mine; books delivered in May account £6-5-8d; I expect to leave in a week.
Sept 11th – Note from Gosse; obliged for the actinia; sent 13 Handbooks; you must have taken book list away with you when you visited.
Oct 12th – Note from Gosse; send your cheque for books. I have not been to the shore my knee is bad. I will pay for what you send me.
Dec 10th – Letter from Gosse; printers will send 250 notices. Mr Dikes will visit to study living animal before he engraves it. Will gladly play into your hands if you send me new specimens; try the West Coast of Scotland. Tell him to describe new species in Annals, I do not wish to rob him of honour of discovery.
Dec 26th – New advertisement in Notes and Queries, 10 thousand specimens, sole agent for the celebrated tanks of Sanders and Woolcott.
Dec 31st – Note from Gosse; thanks for note on Dianthus can you tell me more; about to send its history to printers, let Holdsworth see it. Sent letter to Lady Curt.

1858. Jan 6th – Letter from Gosse; please accept three Astersinas, 6 gibbosa, 3 mileanis, etc; Lady Curt did not answer.
March 9th – Note from Gosse; say what your lot contains and what amount you will put them down. I will willingly go over your proof list.
May 4th – Letter from Gosse; wrote to Heale, but you need to. Thank you for specimens for illustration; will use them in next plate. How is business, weather bad, spring tide lost. Willy is well. Hope you have sold 500 of new number.
June 9th – Letter from Gosse; received aggregate money; thank you for it; King is a queer fish. Anemone is minitata. You mention Miss Loddriges; let me communicate to Holdsworth through you.
July 14th – Letter from Gosse; look forward to your draft advert; send it to Clay of Broad Street Hill. Thanks for your criticism on vidnata in plate 3. I am in contact with Miss Loddriges.
July 17th – Registered Patent No: 1618 – 1858, with Mr E. Edwards; for forming in an aquarium tank, a compartment which may be preferably so contrived as to form a dark chamber of fluid. For Edward Edwards, 1803-1879, see Dictionary of National Biography. Eminent Welshmen: also A short biographical dictionary of Welshmen who have attained distinction from the earliest times to the present. T.S. Roberts, 1908.
Aug 7th – Note from Gosse; let me know when you send out sale lists; could influence the sale of part 4 [Act Brit].
Aug 10th – Letter from Gosse; you are welcome to insert 2 paragraphs for P48; my opinion of slope back tanks does not affect zoological authority; by conservatory I mean. I have not heard of the Athensium literally trifle.
Sept 2nd – Letter from Gosse; forward you 7/- in stamps; the amount of my account; got bunodes by dredging; described in this months Annals.
Sept 8th – Letter to Gatty; include my printed paper about seawater density. Discontinued selling artificial seawater; real seawater available at 6d per gallon. Filtering through charcoal long since abandoned; trust self-sustaining principle. Some animals defy conservation; rank in difficulty. This business has cost me much hard work and expenditure.
Sept 9th – Letter from Gosse; I like to hear of your breeding success; may your cuttle babies grow; glad Act: Brit: sales increase.
Sept 20th – Letter to Gatty; glad things did well; last year I was thrown back by failure of a house. Spent £250 producing accompanying list.
Oct 1st – Note from Gosse; thanks for Cerianthus.
Oct 10th – Letter to Gatty; I have not been well, my only daughter is 9. I saw Lady Legard when she called. As regards microscopes; I am now studying minute algae; their spontaneous growth in water. Keep your vases covered. You are curious about gravel; enclosed is a phial of seawater; let it stand. This is a long letter.
Oct 23rd – Note to Gatty; I have been ill.
Nov 19th – Letter to Gatty; I expected you to call; I enclose Dr Harvey's letter. Minute algae always present in water; darkness always favours their disappearance. Dr Harvey calls the plant V. vilatina. I have not tried mechanical agitation. I will send sample for you and Dr Harvey; compelled to try new rocks; best from Wales at £40 per ton. No such thing as stagnant or dirty water. Hope you liked my fairyland shop.
Nov 20th – Advertisement in Notes and Queries, Illustrated list of whatever relates to the aquarium is now ready, price 1/-; or by post for fourteen stamps. 128 pages and 87 woodcuts.
Nov 24th – Letter from Gosse; Cerianthus is new; may I call it Cerianthus lloydii; do you have another for dissection? Part 1 of Act: Brit: scarcely sold 400 copies.
Dec 2nd – Note from Gosse; please post Cerianthus to Miss Pritchard.
Dec 4th – Note from Gosse; received Cerianthus; had messenger take one to Miss Pritchard.
Dec 7th – Letter to Gatty; enjoyed our meeting; I refer only to matters of science; there is no such thing as dirty water. What of the sample?
Dec 15th – Note from Gosse; what number of each part of Act. Brit. do you want.
Dec 24th – Patent Sealed for dark chamber tank.

1859. Mar 21st – Note to Gatty; Rev: Wilper Gatty called. Could you distribute some of my papers?
May 11th – Letter to Gatty; interested in you letter about vascheria; and Dr. Harvey's conclusion. What do you know of spontaneous growth of seaweed. Thanks for giving my paper to Miss Cutle. Sometimes I am at a stand for funds; all looks black before something pops up. Enclosed are woodcuts showing the aquarium I erected in Oxford last year; the cats made a hole in the profit.
July 20th – Letter to Owen; I have written to Capt: Clark; I will avail myself for breakfast with you next Monday; I have sent a large tank to the Cape of Good Hope.
August 30th – Letter from Gosse; I seldom now go down to the sea; I will endeavour to do your experiment. I agree anemones deteriorate in confinement.
Sept 3rd – Letter from Gosse; how effective are circulars? How many Act: Brit: sold?
Oct 30th – Note from Gosse; please settle your account.

1860. Sept 10th – Letter to Gatty; enclosed is my leaflet on vegetation; French have taken it up as guidance; and they need to. You are the mother of aquaria.
Sept 18th – Letter to Gatty; Bell & Waldy want me to write aquarium book but I do not have time. French work will be grand; the Parisian workmen know nothing about it;
Oct 5th – Letter to Gatty; I am harassed with overmuch business; trying to save for better premises. Want to cultivate red weeds; setting up tank in bedroom. Cork up seawater and keep in dark until clear. Found a new dodge, I cause air to permeate through gravel; works wonders. French need permanent curator. All my earnings go into improvements and extensions. Began this letter on 5th, now the 11th.
Nov 7th – Note to Gatty; Rhodosperm tank being built; 36 inches long, 11½ broad and 10 high; the rockwork will be in plateaus.
Nov 24th – Thank's for letter of the 9th; tank is drying; at a loss how to provide motion; could use a cistern. I have had a clockwork paddle made; needs winding every 24 hours, 25 revolutions per min. River Thames is a puzzle to me. Saw your Parables from Nature advertised.
Dec 10th – Note to Gatty; what of vegetation in tidal rivers; is there any book on the matter; does Dr. Harvey know?

1862. Aug 2nd – Last small advertisement in Notes and Queries.
Aug 8th – Letter to Gatty; I am bankrupt through want of capital; public interest fell off. Enclose pamphlet of my prize medal exhibit; my whole life has been a struggle.
Aug 22nd – Letter to Owen; my business has failed; applied for situation at Hamburg; could you provide testimonial? Reply to 2 Upper Albany Street, Regent's Park.
Dohrn; THEODOR HEUSS; ANTON DOHRN - A LIFE FOR SCIENCE. Introduction by KARL JOSEF PARTSCH. With a contribution by MARGRET BOVERI. Translated from the German by LISELOTTE DIECKMANN 1991. Edited by CHRISTIANS GROEBEN. Springer -Verlag
Berlin, Heidelberg, New York, London, Paris Tokyo, Hongkong, Barcelona, Budapest. Previous German editions 1940; 1948; 1991. ISBN 3-540-53561-6 or ISBN 0-387-53561-6

1863. Jan 9th – Letter to Gatty; bankrupt through apathy of British public; did not like me teaching them. I have the post of Resident Director at Hamburg Aquarium. I began life as a London errand boy; always had money troubles; now comfortable in country village. I have papers sent over. Here are details of aquariums.

1865. May. Science Gossip; note p117, growth of red seaweed in aquarium. Note p118; Machine for producing streams in aquaria.
June. Science Gossip; note p141, on use of Brückes lens.
July. Science Gossip; Letter p129/30. Aquarium Difficulties, in reply to correspondent.
August. Science Gossip; note p191, Hermit crabs, in reply to correspondent.
September. Science Gossip; letter on anemones p196/7. Parasitic anemones on hermit and spider crab. Note p211. Cup coral parasite, comment upon frequency of, sites Gosse "A Year at the Shore". Note p211; Effects of lightning upon aquarium fish.
October. Science Gossip. Letter p259/60. Habits of the netted dog whelk in aquaria.
November. Science Gossip. Note p260, on lack of seaweed in Dead Sea water. Note p261, penetration of light in sea compared to aquaria.
December. Science Gossip. Letter p284. Habits of sand-launce, herring and smelt in aquaria. Letter p285. Size of anemones in Hamburg aquarium.

1866. January. Science Gossip; Letter p21, further habits of launce herring and smelt.
February. Science Gossip; Letter p29/30, re-growth of sabellæ fan and details of actinia kept by Sir John Dalyell (copy of two letters from Dalyell's sister).
March. Science Gossip; note p69, will receive specimens from England.
April. Science Gossip; Article p74/77, Aquarium history, origins of aquarium etc:
May. Science Gossip; Article p104/6, Animals in aquaria, management and sorting of dredged specimens upon arrival at Hamburg Aquarium.
June. Science Gossip; letter p137, Freshwater sponge, difficulties of management in aquaria.
July. Science Gossip; opening article p145, The Grey Mullet, habits and management of in aquaria.
August. Science Gossip; illustrated article p178/81, Spider crabs and their parasites. Note p191, Stinging power of sea-anemones, testing power of on tongue.
September. Science Gossip; note p215, dimensions of crab shedding shell.
November. Science Gossip; letter p247, efforts to keep turtles from restaurant alive.

1868. July 9th Letter to Owen; been here 5½ years; made strides in aquarium work; wish the Zoological Society would let me erect and manage a new aquarium establishment; would display Lithodes maia, a British crab; kind regards to your son; told me you were fond of chamber music; regards to Mrs Owen.

1869. Brighton Aquarium Prospectus, Surrey Archives.
Aquaria, their management and structure. W. Saville-Kent. Journal of the Society of Arts, 1876, March 3, pp 292-299.
Aquaria. W. A. Lloyd. Journal of the Society of Arts, 1876, March 24, pp 427-432.
Dohrn visit. Correspondence, Karl Ernst Von Baer (1792-1876), Anton Dohrn (1840-1909). Karl Ernst von Baer, Anton Dohrn.

1870. Oct 8th – Letter to Owen; I have secured the post of Superintendent at Crystal Palace; through your letter to Mr Grove. My belongings are still in Hamburg. This will be the first important application of mechanical engineering to natural history.

1871. Oct 12th – Nature page 469-473. Crystal Palace Aquarium. Details of storage and collection facilaties.
Oct 25th – Letter to Roach-Smith; we last corresponded in Hamburg, hope you may call on me here (C.P.) Maidstone Museum, Roach-Smith Correspondence.

1872. June 14th – Note to Owen; now have Lialus Polyphemus; let me know when you are coming.
July 11th – Nature, p202. Zoological Station Naples. Dr Dohrn is most effectively assisted in the technical parts of the construction by Mr. W.A. Lloyd of the Crystal Palace.
Aug 29th – Nature, p357-368, British Association. The committee feel obliged to acknowledge especially the extraordinary services rendered by Mr. W.A. Lloyd of the Crystal Palace in giving every assistance to Dr. Dohrn in so far as technical difficulties are concerned.

1873. Gosse visit. Life of P.H. Gosse, E. Gosse, London1890, p306. After 1866, he came but once to London, in 1873. On this occasion he visited Lloyd's great aquaria in the Crystal Palace.
Zoologist – Second Series, Vol. 8, Part 1. Sept. p3861-3876; Part 2. Oct. p3701-3711; Part 3. Nov. p3741-3759. A series of articles by Edward Newman (1801-1876), about the Official Handbook to the Marine Aquarium of the Crystal Palace. Part 1; Observations on sticklebacks at Bowerbanks. Part 2; Mitchell at Bowerbank's; Part 3; Lloyd childhood and employment.
First of a series of 12 articles published in Cassell's Popular Recreator, -
No. 4, p57/61. Article 1; My experiences; the struggle of life; natural history; the Zoological Gardens; the aquarium; the pike; the of my life.
No. 8, p126/128. Article 2; First use of the word "Aquarium"; a better name; air breathers & water breathers; my first attempts; collecting sea anemones from the streets.
No. 12, p187/190. Article 3; animals & plants; oxygen; one of my failures.
No. 16, p245/47. Article 4; my next attempts; the two globes; vegetation in water.
No. 20, p309/10. Article 5; water breathing; evaporation; vegetation; pollution of water.
No. 24, p373/78. Article 6; decomposition; purification; to make an aquarium.

1874. Feb 3rd – Letter to Roach-Smith; will attend your reading on Thursday, will bring with me free admissions to Crystal Palace.
Feb. Zoologist, Vol. 9, p3846-3855. 'On the Occurrence of Limulus Polyphemus off the Coast of Holland' and 'On the Transmission of Aquarium Animals.'
Series of articles published in Cassell's Popular Recreator -
No. 30, p87/89. Article 7; the purification of water; examples; glass globe; gold fish; burning candle; oxygenising.
No. 32, p113/16. Article 8; the Hamburg tanks; experiments at the Crystal Palace; the Jack tank.
No. 35, p170/71. Article 9; importance of circulation in water; Warington's trout; no necessity for water change.
No. 38, p218/20. Article 10; episode of the barber of Frankfort; art errors; Sir. J. G. Dalyell; Dr. Bowerbank; Mr. Jenner Weir; Mons. Blanchere; Mons. St-Hilaire.
No. 41, p270/72. Article 11; collecting vegetation; success; old ideas on aquaria.
No. 45, p332/3. Article 12; a few words on sea-weeds.

1876. Popular Science Review, p 253/65. Aquaria; their present, past, and future (W. A. L. Manager of C. P. aquarium).
March 1, Wed. Attended meeting of the Society of Arts to hear presentation by W. Saville-Kent, declined invitation to immediately speak, reply by letter.
March 22nd – Letter to Roach-Smith; remember me? Visited you at your chemist's shop, I was a bookbinders apprentice, and afterwards a journeyman mechanic – a bookbinder – and soon afterwards a bookseller. Note at bottom of enclosed article – This was in 1845 when I first used to go to Liverpool St. to a certain chemist's shop.
March 24. Lloyd's reply to Saville-Kent paper published the Journal of the Society of Arts, p427/32.
Gosse aquarium – "In the spring of 1876, I determined to erect an Aquarium and I decided to adopt the plan of the Crystal Palace Aquarium. My old kind friend, Mr. W. Alford Lloyd, contemporary and fellow labourer from the first in aquarian development, gave me the invaluable aid of his counsel in every step of the work; ever suggesting and improving, as it went on, with a zeal which could not have been exceeded if the scheme had been his own." Midland Naturalist, Vol.2, 1879, pages 1-6.
Nov 23rd – Letter to Owen; my article on sepia which you read; do prawns see?

1877. Oct 19th – Letter to Owen; accept my photograph; see my letter in the Observer; Bowerbank visited to see live sponge; P.S. poor Saville Kent; he made a mess at Westminster; also blundered at Regent's Park; now in Jersey; I have tried to help him.

1878. Midland Naturalist, Vol. 1, p 54, Gleanings, 'Mr. W. A. Lloyd, of the Crystal Palace Aquarium, is engaged in writing a practical book on Aquaria, for which he has long been collecting materials.'
Midland Naturalist, Vol. 1, p82, Gleanings, 'Mr. W. A. Lloyd, of the Crystal Palace Aquarium, is writing a series of articles (which will probably extend to eight or ten) on the management of Aquaria for the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine (Ward and Lock.)' See Dec. 1878.
Nov 19th – Letter to Owen; look forward to paper on Spirata. I have left Crystal Palace; received excellent testimonials; cannot afford to pay me. Have been appointed superintendent at Aston, Birmingham; shall save costs by using sea water concocted on the spot; steam engines to circulate water; will use electricity for illumination. Work I did for Dr Dorhn at Naples is flourishing; Prof: Loven of Stockholm has sent a representative to consult with me. I tried to dissuade Saville Kent from leaving British Museum; he possesses no qualification for engineering.
Dec. First of 3 articles pages 298-230 (No.2 April 1879; No.3 June 1879.) published in The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. With a needle and thread I fixed madrepores on a large sponge. About Mrs. Thynne and seawater.

1879. April - Second article, 5 pages, in The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. About seawater condition and temperature.
April 29th – Midland Naturalist, Vol.2, p163, Reports of Societies – Birmingham N.H.&.M.S. Mr Hughes, President, read paper from W.A. Lloyd 'On the Principles of Aquaria.'
June - Third article pages 301-303, in the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine. More about condition of aquarium water.
Jun 16th – Letter to Owen; in London from Birmingham, could you endorse my teachings? Birmingham lacks culture.
Sept 16th – Letter to Owen; need something to do; can you suggest I fill situation of Naturalist on board Prince of Wales vessel bound for Sydney Exhibition? Enclose my testimonials.
Dec 1st – Letter to Owen; will you see me; I wish to dedicate my book to you; I cannot continue to work for Crystal Palace for nothing; wife, daughter and myself send kind regards.


Lloyd to Professor Richard Owen.
These 14 letters, giving a valuable insight into both the working and social life of Lloyd, including his photograph; cover the years 1853-1879, and are part of the Richard Owen collection; held in the Natural History Museum General Library, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD. Tel: 020 7942 5460.

Gosse to Lloyd.
These 36 notes covering the three years 1856-1859, along with some which are undated, give an indication of the nature of the relationship between Lloyd and Gosse; both in a business and social sense. The originals are held in the Special Collections of Edinburgh University Library, The University of Edinburgh, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LJ. Tel; 0131 650 6863
Lloyd to Margaret Gatty. 18 Letters.
Probably the singularly most informative collection of 18 letters covering the period 1856-1863 of Lloyd's life.
7 letters circa 1865. These are mostly from Margaret Gatty too Eleanor Lloyd, but including others from The Rev. Gatty and some to Amelia Lloyd. Some have yet to be transcribed. Also see Mrs Gatty and Mrs Ewing. Christabel Maxwell. London. 1949. pp165. Held in the Sheffield Archives, 52 Shoreham Street, Sheffield S1 4SP. Tel. 0114 203 9395

Lloyd to Archer.
A single letter dated 1862 giving a brief history of his business and the on-coming London Exhibition. Held in the University of Melbourne Archives,
Melbourne University, Australia.
2 letters, both written in 1867 whilst Lloyd was the curator of the Hamburg Aquarium; regarding to the transportation of living animals. The originals are held in the Smithsonian Institution Archives, Washington, USA.
Lloyd to Roach-Smith. 2 letters concerning meeting. Maidstone Museum.


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