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The Life of Philip Henry Gosse F.R.S.

Natural History; Fishes. 1851. P.H. Gosse.

A Naturalist's Rambles on the Devonshire Coast. 1853. P.H. Gosse.

Natural History; Mollusca. 1854. P.H. Gosse.

The Aquarium. 1st Edition 1854. P.H. Gosse 1854.

Manual of Marine Zoology for the British Ilsles. 1855/6. P.H. Gosse.

The Aquarium 2nd Edition 1856. P.H. Gosse 1856.

A Handbook to the Marine Aquarium 1856. P.H. Gosse.

Actinologia Britannica. 1858. P.H. Gosse

A Year at the Shore. 1865. P.H. Gosse.

Land and Sea. 1865 P.H. Gosse.

Manual of Sea Anemones. 1856. G. Tugwell.

The Aquua Vivarium. 1856. E. Lankester.

The book of the Aquarium. 1856. S. Hibbard.

The Aquarium, Inhabitnts', Structre', & Mangmnt'. 1856. J.E. Taylor.

A Popular History of the Aquarium. 1857. G. Sowerby.

The Aquarium or Aqua Vivarium. 1858. H. Butler.

The SeaSide Aquarium. 1858. J. Harper.

Principles & Management of Marine Aquarium. 1875. W.R. Hughes.

image of a beadlet anemone from the aquarium by p. h. gosse